Weekend Wellness :: Mind + Body Balance

How one week can make such a difference. Last Friday I was all about cupcakes and PSLs, getting ready for my son’s birthday party. Today I am feeling a good detox tea and a nap.

Too many unhealthy treats and not catching enough zzzzs can put a pretty big dent in how your body functions and how you feel. It’s important not to overlook these feelings and get yourself back on track before you do more damage.

Used to be I’d power through times of feeling run down, fueled with lots of coffee, extra workouts, and major determination. But I’d also usually end up with a migraine or cold. My body telling me I had to stop.

It’s not that tough to take care of yourself. A bit of downtime to rest, less junk/more fruits and veg, good thoughts in your head, time with those you care about. 

Some Body + Mind Balancers

Lotus Wei Elixirs

– I’ve been wanting to try these flower elixirs said to boost all sorts of things. Read the downloadable to find out all the good stuff they can do for ya

Monica B – my Ayurveda guru bestie! Let Monica help you out with juicy info on getting through this transitional season

Mindless viewing – Sometimes you just have to flip on some Bravo and veg, feel me?

A great book – Whatcha reading right now? I’m about halfway through And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini . Share what’s hot on your list with the rest of us, please…

Detox tea – This looks like a good one, said to cleanse your liver of toxins and reboot the system. Perfect post-cupcake frenzy

Soup – Tis soup season. One of my all time faves is pumpkin, so comforting and delish. This one looks amazing

Now, please excuse me while I go get my jammies ready for the weekend. Happy Friday!

Ingredient Focus :: Estrogen Disruptors

I’ve been spending some writing time on toxic ingredients over at Feelgood Style this past week. In particular, hormone disruptors.

Unless you’ve been living in some extremely remote location, you’ve heard of parabens. These preservatives are widely used in cosmetics. And they are synthetic. And they are toxic. No matter how slyly a company may try to portray them as coming from nature. Nope. Parabens used in cosmetics are synthetic. You can read more about what I have to say on that here.

Then there are metalloestrogens. This class of chemicals are metals and they mimic estrogen in the body. They also take longer (like, a lot longer!) for our bodies to expel than parabens. This means they have longer to do their dirty work. For the full deets on metalloestrogens, read what I wrote on FGS.

So what’s the big deal with estrogen? Don’t our bodies make this hormone anyway? Yep. Women need estrogen to stay balanced and healthy

But too much of this good thing can cause serious health issues. When estrogen levels become too high, inflammation occurs and disease can follow. Some toxic ingredients block hormone receptors, which can also lead to disease. 

The moral to this story: Avoid parabens, plastics and estrogen-mimicking metals.

Image by wildflower at morguefile.com, cc

Product Review :: Kjaer Weis Highlighter

Like I told ya on Instagram recently, I finally got my hot little hands on some Kjaer Weis. 

I’ve been wanting to do another foundation roundup. Since I’ve never used much foundation I always like to test them out and see which are the best. Kind of an if-I-love-them-you-are-sure-to-love-them sorta thing. More on that soon.

In the meantime I have been playing with a new Kjaer Weis product. They’ve created their very own Highlighter. Yays! You know you love a great highlighter, and so do I, and this one will not disappoint ‘cha. Promise.

Kjaer Weis Highlighter is perfect when used in the traditional ways (brow bone, cheek bones, bridge of nose, corners of eyes, collarbones), but I’ve been doing something new with it. I like to sub it in for cream shadow. Smudge along upper and lower lash lines, and in crease of eye. It gives a super natural look but adds…something special. An I’m not even trying yet totally done look. Top with a little liner, maybe a swipe of mascara, and you are good to go.

PS:  I also love it on my lips!

For the Love of Fall

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. And though I could live where it’s summer year round, no problem, I do love a little Fall.

Crispness in the air and beautiful trees are all good, but my favorite part? The styles + foods! Shades of browns and purples. Sweaters and boots. Honeycrisp apples, soup, anything pumpkin. Awesome!

Here are just a few of the things I’m wanting this Fall:

Pumpkin macarons, cuz…c’mon

I’ve been meaning to try RMS Beauty’s newest shades + what better place to start than Lip Shine in Royal

This cross body bag from Free People is not only hot, but vegan

Have had my eye on Kure Bazaar’s warm brownish-grey Sophisticato for a while now

So, what’s on your Fall wishlist?

Introducing Organic Beauty Source Search Tool

Why yes, I would love to help you locate every organic product you are looking for and answer all of your beauty and ingredient related questions. Shoot me an email if you ever want my help. For reals.


Use my brand new assistant who can do all of that for you. Any time of the day or night. She is super helpful and absolutely free.

Where did I find such a thing? I made her!

I’d like you to meet my latest creation … the Organic Beauty Source Search Tool. Yay! I’m so very excited about this new resource and could not wait to share it with you.

My inspo behind the Organic Beauty Source Search Tool (aka OBS Search Tool, OBSoogle, OBSSE, the tool) was my friend and colleague at Feelgood Style Becky Striepe’s Great Vegan Search Engine Project. Once I saw that I knew there had to be something like it for organic beauty.

Now that you know what it is, lemme tell ya how it works. You can Google search, right? Same deal. The only difference, all results are to sites I recommend. Yep, the places I go to shop, research and source my organic beauty vault. No junky toxic stuff getting in your way.

Easy as that. Go give it a try.

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