Hormones + Headaches

I know. Not a very fun subject. Still, this sucky situation happens to lots of women. Every #*&! month. So I feel it deserves some attention.

I’ve always been headache-y. But getting a migraine type headache every single month for the past year has gotten a bit old. There’s the week of the headache, then the week of recovery. That is half of the time. Half of life! Not okay.

Yes, I did ask my doctor about this. And yes, it is most likely hormone related. But the artificial hormones route is not appealing to me and being the natural kinda gal that I am, and also one to love research, I’ve been delving into this thing myself. 

Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup is an all time favorite of mine and I’ve also read Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book The Hormone Cure. This means cutting back on carbs, eating more fresh fruits and veg, and healthy proteins, and taking some supplements. It has helped some of my symptoms (irregular periods, mini hot flashes) but, sadly, hasn’t touched the headaches.

Time for drastic measures.

We know that too much sugar is crap for your health, looks, mood. I do my best to curb my sweet tooth as best I can. But I’m beginning to wonder if I need to eliminate all sugar from my diet. At least for a while.

Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar has an 8 week program that looks tempting. Unfortunately the next one doesn’t start until January. For now I think I will try my hand at cutting waaaaaay back on carbs and see if I get one of these suckers next month.

Do you get hormonal headaches? Quit eating sugar? Found something else that helps? Please, please, please share!

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Time for a Plan

Fall has officially arrived. You’ve probably already started shopping for clothes to add to your autumn wardrobe. Have you revamped your skincare yet?

Yep, with the seasonal shift we adjust our menu, clothing, and skincare too. And, as you can likely guess, we are talking added moisture. 

Don’t wait until your skin is already dry to infuse it with more moisture. Then you are simply doing damage control. Start now and increase as needed to keep your complexion looking its best.

Here are my fall moisturizer recos:

For Oily Skin – That’s right, I’ve said it before, even oily skin needs moisture. A light product that soaks into skin is going to offer adequate hydration without causing problems. Try Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème with soothing aloe. Acure Organics Day Cream is another non-greasy formula suited to oily skin.

Normal/Combination Skin – Normal skin can become slightly more dry in colder seasons. The perfect way to combat this issue is with a facial oil. Apply a drop or two to drier areas of the face after applying your moisturizer. My favorites are: RMS Beauty Beauty Oil, Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex, and Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil.

Dry Skin – If you fall under this skin type feel free to go all out here. I’ve recently started patting a thick cream on the areas of my face that tend to become the most dry. SW Basics Cream is a straight forward yet highly versatile moisturizer. Use on face, body, lips…Same with RMS Beauty Coconut Cream and One Love Organic Skin Savior.

This is Going to Change Your Life (at least at mealtime)

Today, something for your reading list!

Ok, this one is not purely entertainment. Though it does contain some pretty fabulous pics. This book is practically self help in that it is going to change how you look at mealtime. Unless you truly love to cook, and maybe even then, mealtime can become…well…not so much fun. All of that shopping and fixing, not to mention coming up with new ideas that everyone at the table will like.

BOWLS! is a cookbook written and created by my friend Becky Striepe, whom I work with at Feelgood Style. Becky’s idea is to create a meal, in a bowl, with stuff you have in your kitchen. No extra trips to the supermarket, no long preparation, just a delicious and healthy meal.

BOWLS! shares excellent recipes and ideas to get you started. Use one of Becky’s or create your own. Read my review on Feelgood Style which shares a recipe from the book.

This week we’ve had bowl dinners twice. The first was mashed potatoes (made with almond milk, which is really good btw) topped with sautéed veggies. The second was rice, beans and avocado with enchilada sauce. So dang good, easy, and made to order. If BOWLS! can make even me look forward to dinner time, you’ve gotta take a look.

Perfect gift item for your holiday shopping list.

Dream Living + Loving

Something pretty for your Monday…

I had a big ol post on time slipping by, and giving back, and living your dreams. But I think this Pinterest board sums it up nicely. Hells to the ya!

Image from here.

Weekend Wellness :: Mind + Body Balance

How one week can make such a difference. Last Friday I was all about cupcakes and PSLs, getting ready for my son’s birthday party. Today I am feeling a good detox tea and a nap.

Too many unhealthy treats and not catching enough zzzzs can put a pretty big dent in how your body functions and how you feel. It’s important not to overlook these feelings and get yourself back on track before you do more damage.

Used to be I’d power through times of feeling run down, fueled with lots of coffee, extra workouts, and major determination. But I’d also usually end up with a migraine or cold. My body telling me I had to stop.

It’s not that tough to take care of yourself. A bit of downtime to rest, less junk/more fruits and veg, good thoughts in your head, time with those you care about. 

Some Body + Mind Balancers

Lotus Wei Elixirs

– I’ve been wanting to try these flower elixirs said to boost all sorts of things. Read the downloadable to find out all the good stuff they can do for ya

Monica B – my Ayurveda guru bestie! Let Monica help you out with juicy info on getting through this transitional season

Mindless viewing – Sometimes you just have to flip on some Bravo and veg, feel me?

A great book – Whatcha reading right now? I’m about halfway through And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini . Share what’s hot on your list with the rest of us, please…

Detox tea – This looks like a good one, said to cleanse your liver of toxins and reboot the system. Perfect post-cupcake frenzy

Soup – Tis soup season. One of my all time faves is pumpkin, so comforting and delish. This one looks amazing

Now, please excuse me while I go get my jammies ready for the weekend. Happy Friday!

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