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Holy schmoly, how can February be almost over? 

If you thought I forgot about you and this little ol’ blog…I didn’t! The deal is, I’m working on launching a brand new, beautiful, modern, luscious OBS. But it’s taking longer than planned.

So, thought I’d drop in here for a minute and give you something to read. If you are into organic beauty, and I know that you are, you’ve likely been over to Organic Beauty Talk. Pretty great stuff, right? Well, Brandie of OBT totally has her stuff together and came out with a brand spankin’ new mag that you are going to super love. You can purchase either the digital version or a legit print mag. How cool is that?!

I’ve read the first issue (they’ll be coming out fresh quarterly) and loved every drop. Want to know more? Me too! I’ll be interviewing Brandie in an upcoming post for EcoSalon. Stay tuned for that later this week. 

Not following me on ES? Get that way! I’ll be posting regularly there until I get the new and improved OBS up and about. You can catch me on Instagram too.

Product Love :: Spa Sonic Pro

Seems everyone’s into skin brushes these days. And for good reason. They are great for gently sloughing away dry dead skin cells. 

What’s so great about sloughing? 

Think of those dead cells as a barrier between fresh skin and the healthy ingredients you are putting on it. How are your good products supposed to do their job if they have trouble soaking in? Dead cells also make skin look dull and can cause breakouts. 

A gentle brush exfoliates and gets circulation going, resulting in a pretty awesome looking complexion. I recently lucked out and received a brush kit to try from Spa Sonic Pro.

This kit comes with not only a facial brush, but a facial sponge, plus a brush for body and even a pumice tool for rough feet.  I love it! My fave tool of all, somewhat surprisingly, is the sponge attachment. I use it after applying all of my face oils and creams to help them penetrate the skin. I also tell myself it is is smoothing out my wrinkles. Hey, can’t hurt.

The thing is, I was using the sponge attachment very lightly and carefully. You know how we’ve been taught to not pull the skin to avoid causing lines? Then today I came across this article on facial massage and thought What the heck?!. So I gave my face a good circular-motion massaging with the sponge post moisturizer/facial oil application. 

And do you know what? My skin looked so livened up and pink and fresh. I’d even go so far as to say younger

So while I would recommend avoiding pulling or rough rubbing of the skin, a nice massage really seems to perk it up. And I highly recommend regular exfoliation. A facial brush is a great way to get that done.

My opinion? Everyone needs one of these brush kits. At Target, Walgreen's, and Amazon.

Reconstructed :: Cara D-Style Brows

Bold brows are still on trend for 2015. Still avoiding doing something about it? I know I am.

For years I plucked and waxed to perfection. Even taking on the task myself after constant disappointment over professional brow shaping. I have this brow thing down.

But last year brows went and got all thick and full and Brooke Shields-ish circa 1980. And I’ll tell you what, growing brows is not the same as growing bangs. Once you’ve wrangled those babies into submission for a decade or three they are not at all willing to grow back the way they started.

This means using a brow pencil to fill them in. Yikes. Now, I like makeup as much as any girl. But I am afraid of brow pencil lest I end up one of those artificially drawn on cartoon looking examples of brow fakery. Plus, I have this habit of unconsciously smoothing my brows with my fingers and am scared of walking around with brow pencil smeared across my forehead.

Still, I drool every time I see a pic of Cara D.’s lush browage. What’s a thin browed gal to do?

I dug deep and found out I am not alone. Lots of women are using makeup to fill in their less than hearty brows. I watched this video and decided I too could give it a whirl.

I recommend going with Lavera Eyebrow Pencil

(in whichever color best matches your hair) to fill in brows with a soft swipe of

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer underneath.

List Love :: January Edition

Well, we’re back on a schedule. How about you? Enjoy your holidays?

We finished packing up the decos, throwing out the candy, and I even organized my office over the weekend. Feels good to be back to work, not a hint of green or red in sight.

Here’s what I am looking forward to seeing more of this month:

Happy Holidays

Holiday break has finally arrived!

I'll be taking some time away from blogging here over the next two weeks to spend time with family and enjoy the season. Hope you'll be doing the same.

In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram where I'll be checking in. Or catch up on stuff I've written elsewhere lately on Feelgood Style and Eco Salon

Happy Holidays to you and yours!! xxoo

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