Your Own Personal Nutritionist (app style)

Want to lose 5 lbs with me?  Or maybe figure out how to boost your energy?  Maybe you have a special occasion coming up that you want to look extra fabulous for?

Let’s do this!

Haven’t you always wanted a personal nutritionist to help you out with this kind of stuff?  Me too.  And I have one.  For the next 10 days.  And so can you.

Here’s the deal:  Rise is a new iPhone app that helps you track what you eat and connects you with a real life nutritionist who guides you on your mission to healthier eating, feeling great, and looking like a million bucks.

All you have to do is download the app and plug in your deets to get started.  The nutritionist is a subscription service, but the folks at Rise have given us a special discount code to get started for free.  Wee!  You’ll still need to enter your credit card info, but where it says gift card enter code RISEGK8 and you won’t be charged.

I’d love it if you jumped on the Rise bandwagon with me and share your experience along the way.  I’ll be posting on mine here and at Feelgood Style.

Trends :: The Scrunchie (for reals!)

No, I’m not messing with you.  The scrunchie is back.   While I quickly re-embrace some resurfacing trends (I wouldn’t hate if hot rollered hair was back in, just sayin’), I did softly gasp when I read about the return of the scrunchie.

Now, I loved the scrunchie as much as anyone.  Probably more than many.  I even had one that was my absolute favorite (dark green silk) and totally mourned its loss once the elastic gave.  I could never find another that lived up to its awesomeness and tried my hand at sewing in an attempt to reincarnate my beloved scrunchie.  The DIY scrunchie was a DIsaster and the fad fell by the wayside soon enough anyway.

So why do I not feel overjoyed to see that these guys are back on the scene?  Maybe because they are so very 80s that it just seems completely wrong.  But take a look at @scrunchiesofinstagram and it brings you straight to the now of scrunchiedom, plus some pretty great throwbacks.  

Basically, to pull off this accessory these days, without looking like you are headed to a Jazzercise class circa 1986, think messy hair pulled up high.  Try half up or a pony at the crown.  And, now that I’ve had time to get used to the idea, I’m sort of in love with this adorable version from Free People.

What do you think?  Are you gonna scrunchie? 

Is it Really Safe? How to ID Nontoxic Products

Last week we talked about the easiest ways to make the switch to nontoxic products.  So you’ve decided how you’d like to do this (ease in or all in, now for finding those products.

There are tons of natural cosmetic brands on the market today.  Compared to a decade ago, the numbers are staggering.  But you have to beware tricky marketing and get to the good stuff.

So, how can you tell if a brand is truly committed to safety in cosmetics?

The old adage If it seems too good to be true, it probably is works here.  If a mainstream brand that has been making toxic products forever suddenly pops up with a new “pure” or “natural” product you have every right to be skeptical.  Creating nontoxic products takes time, research, and money. Even more so, reformulating toxic products.  If a brand were to come up with a truly nontoxic product to add to their toxic line, they would have to go to a lot of effort, testing, and dollars spent.  And they would definitely want you to know all about the steps they took and healthy ingredients they use. 

Slapping the word “natural” on a product does not make it nontoxic.

You have what you need to ID a safe product.  Because you are armed with your trusty Ingredients to Avoid list, well-versed in breaking down a product ingredient listing, and know exactly what YOU want, it is going to be that much easier to identify greenwashers.  You’ll be throwing products aside at a glance in no time.  And getting straight to the good stuff.

Remember, ingredient listings can be confusing.  Some are even meant to be that way.  That is a red flag.  No readily available ingredient listing = another red flag.  If a brand does not disclose a full ingredient listing for each of their products, be skeptical. 

My last, favorite, and possibly most important tip on choosing safe cosmetics:  Shop brands you can trust.  There are many companies committed to safety in cosmetics.  Take a look at their commitment page or read their story on their website.  Check the list of ingredients they never use.  Follow them.  Buy their stuff.  

Our purchasing power is our greatest tool in providing ourselves with healthy bodies and a healthy environment to live in.  When we buy products that have no toxic ingredients in them and have been manufactured with environmentally friendly processes we are creating a demand for these products and ingredients, which in turn means more organic farming and safer manufacturing methods.

All of these point to healthier living.  And maybe by using safe organic products on our children we can raise more aware, healthy adults.  The key to a healthier environment for generations to come.

I'm in CouplesMax Magazine

CouplesMax online magazine launched their premiere issue today, and guess who has an article in it?

Yep, moi.

Since the mag is all about couples, I was asked to write on natural products for her, him, and both.  That’s right, couples sharing grooming products.  How do you feel about that?  Do you share with your man?

My husband and I like some of the same products, but more than personal preference plays a role here.  We have totally different skin types, so that definitely needs to be taken into account when planning to swap products.  Still, I love it when he asks for my advice on skin care or wants me to buy more of a sample I received. 

Back to the article – go check it out.  I listed some of my favorite products from some of my favorite places.  Also, quotes from two top organic beauty guru gals I know and love.  This new form of media is pretty cool -- the magazine includes links that take you directly to the product.  Snazzy!

Happy reading and let me know what you think.

Samples of the Week :: Vapour Organics

Look what turned up in the mail this week…a whole bunch of good green Vapour Organic Beauty samples.  Gotta love.

In case you don’t already know, Vapour makes some incredible makeup.  One of my favorites is their Concealer.  So good.

I’d yet to try several items from the Vapour line and was more than happy to do so.  First up…

A little bronzer action.  I know that bronzer can be a scary word.  But we’ve come a long way from the harsh coppery browns of the 80s.  Solar Translucent Bronzer is the mellowest, sheerest bronze you can think of.  Truly just blends into skin.  And it comes in a stick, so easy and fun to apply.  Super light and feels great on skin too.

I do believe I’ve tried the Multi Use Blush before, but it is worth another mention.  Same tube style and sheer, weightless consistency as the bronzer but in a pretty natural pink (Whisper).  You know how pink can be too much for certain skin tones?  This one could truly be universal because it contains peachy flecks.  Very light and blendable.  

Next up, Trick Stick Illuminator.  Who doesn’t love a great illuminator?  This one is slightly different in that it is a skinny stick (great for corners of eyes, bow of lips) and has just the slightest touch more sparkle than RMS Beauty Living Luminizer.  Cool stuff.

Also got Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss in Trust, a sheer coral.  This is a smooth, thick gloss (like it should be!) that you apply with a little brush (which I love).  This stuff feels great on lips (and don’t you just hate when gloss feels bad??) and the smell throws back to some good ol’ Mary Kay.  While I no longer recommend Mary Kay lipgloss for ingredient reasons (obvs) the nostalgia that scent imparts is a happy memory.  What about the plumping factor?  I noticed a tingly feeling a few minutes after applying the gloss and my lips may look slightly more robust.

One more fun thing, Lux Organic Lip Conditioner.  I’m as addicted to balm as gloss and this one could not be cuter or more glam.  A chubby little stick of yummy tasting, great feeling lip conditioner.  This guy is going directly into my bag and will go everywhere with me until it is gone. 

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation also came along.  I am not much of a foundation wearer , but have a foundation review in the works.  So this product will be put into action coming up soon.  Stay tuned on that.

My opinion of Vapour Organics?  Go for it.

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