How to Make Your Own BB Cream

Do you BB Cream? 

I’ve tried a couple of organic BB creams but they were too foundation heavy. I’m not much of a foundation wearer. When the time comes where I do want a little coverage, I simply add a bit of tint to my moisturizer. Still, I've pined for the glowy coverage BB cream gives to skin.

So, I tried whipping one up myself. And with amazing results. Here’s my not so secret recipe:

Warm a bit of skin luminizer on fingertips, just so it is softened a little. I used RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. Add a small amount of your daily moisturizer on top of the luminizer. Remember to use slightly less moisturizer than you normally would because you are mixing with other product. Then top with a smaller still dab of foundation or, if you tend to have dry skin, a tinted moisturizer. I used my daily fave Lavera Mattifying Balancing Cream along with Lavera Tinted Moisturizer. Looks like Lavera no longer makes their tinted moisturizer, so I'd probably go with something like 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer or you could just use your usually foundation. Mix this trifecta together lightly with fingertips and apply to face. 

There you have it. Moisture, coverage, and a bit of skin perfecting luminosity. This combo does not look makeup-y, feels good, and gives just the amount of color I was looking for. My new winter skin staple.

The same thing could be done for body using your body lotion or cream, just a bit of tinted moisturizer and a little luminizer. Oila!

Double Cleansing :: What the Heck is It?

By now you’ve most likely hear the term double cleansing. Do you know what it is, why it is beneficial, and how to make it happen in your life?

Okey doke. Let’s start with the what. Double cleansing is a method of cleansing the skin using two products – one to remove makeup, debris, and impurities, the other to clean the skin. Most often the 1-2 punch comes in the form of an oil and a foaming cleanser, but can also be tailored to your skin type.

As for why…because a foaming cleanser alone may leave skin feeling clean, but may not actually be removing all of your makeup and clearing pores. Do you notice a sallow complexion? Have trouble with clogged pores? Dealing with acne? Feel like your skin looks old? These can all be helped with a little double cleanse action.

Exciting, huh? Here’s how it is done. At night, prior to washing skin with your usual cleanser, use an oil or oil cleanser. Warm a small amount in hands and massage gentle into skin, using a circular motion to remove makeup, toxins, and dirt.  This not only gets skin cleaner, but offers a blood pumping mini massage too. Next, cleanse as usual with whatever cleanser works best on your skin.

I said this cleansing method could be tailored to you specifically. Mix and match here to get the best results for your skin. If you tend to be oily, you may want to sub out an oil cleanser in the first step for something lighter that also exfoliates. For dry skin types, a straight up oil followed by a cream cleanser offers intense night time moisture while you sleep. I often use an oil serum as a cleanser in winter months and have been known to use straight olive too. Love it!

Here are my product combos for all skin types to get you started with double cleansing:

Reconstructed :: Angelina's Vanity Fair Cover

Love Angelina’s look for the December cover of Vanity Fair. If you haven’t seen the issue, that’s it at top. Warm and natural, this simple look is polished enough to work for day or night. Perfect!

Angelina is one of my favorite high profile women. She is dedicated to what she does, loves a good mission, and comes complete with that awesome touch of badassery I so admire in a gal. I’m currently reading Unbroken, the book from which she just made a movie of the same name. Have you read it? If you need a good dose of buck up this story will def do the trick.

Anyway…back to the look. Here are the products I’ve chosen to do the reconstruction au naturel.

Acure Organics Now at Target

Man, that Target. Just keeps getting better and better.

Ya know how I told you a couple of weeks ago that Target now carries SW Basics? Well now they are also stocking Acure Organics. Yay! Another safe organic brand that is also budget friendly. Just what you wanted to hear this time of year, right?

Acure is already on my list of Brands I Love because they are made with healhty ingredients, no crappy stuff hiding in there, and they also perform like a dream. The brand statement goes -- Each of our products is gluten free and free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. Good? Good.

If you have not yet tried the Acure line I totally recommend doing so. Target doesn’t carry the entire line, but stock lots of their greatest hits. I also really like the Acure shampoos and conditioners which you can find at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

I’ll be reviewing a few Acure Organics products in the very near future. Come back to see what that’s all about.

Hope your holiday shopping is off to a great start!

My Inbox :: T Day, Black Friday, Healthy Tidbits

Hey! You may be busy tying up loose ends at work, cooking your fanny off, or doing some shopping til you're dropping right now. But with the long weekend ahead you’ll have some down time (hopefully) for reading. Check out the good stuff I found.

Here’s what popped up in my inbox today…

I know, a bikini sounds absolutely out of the question right now. But these clean eating through the holidays tips from Bikini Cleanse may bring some peace of mind whilst you chow down on Thursday. 

On that note, Kris Carr has come out with a brand new guide on choosing healthy foods. Download the Crazy Sexy Guide to Food Labels for smart shopping.

While we are talking self improvement, Marie TV this week is all about gratitude. And an important practice said to change your life.

One of my favorite authors and ayurvedic gurus, Dr. Pratima Raichur, is now digital. Get Dr. Pratima’s wonderful book, Absolute Beauty, now on eBook. 

If you are planning to do a little blog reno this weekend, get in on this hot Black Friday deal from genius blogger, Laura Roeder. This gal knows her stuff.

Lastly but not leastly, Glitter Guide always has the coolest darn ideas. Take a look at their Thanksgiving tablescape round up.

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