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Hey! You may be busy tying up loose ends at work, cooking your fanny off, or doing some shopping til you're dropping right now. But with the long weekend ahead you’ll have some down time (hopefully) for reading. Check out the good stuff I found.

Here’s what popped up in my inbox today…

I know, a bikini sounds absolutely out of the question right now. But these clean eating through the holidays tips from Bikini Cleanse may bring some peace of mind whilst you chow down on Thursday. 

On that note, Kris Carr has come out with a brand new guide on choosing healthy foods. Download the Crazy Sexy Guide to Food Labels for smart shopping.

While we are talking self improvement, Marie TV this week is all about gratitude. And an important practice said to change your life.

One of my favorite authors and ayurvedic gurus, Dr. Pratima Raichur, is now digital. Get Dr. Pratima’s wonderful book, Absolute Beauty, now on eBook. 

If you are planning to do a little blog reno this weekend, get in on this hot Black Friday deal from genius blogger, Laura Roeder. This gal knows her stuff.

Lastly but not leastly, Glitter Guide always has the coolest darn ideas. Take a look at their Thanksgiving tablescape round up.

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Organic Beauty :: Also Great for Skin

Harmful cosmetic ingredients and their detriment to our health is the usual focus where organic beauty is concerned. It is, after all, why most of make the switch in the first place. But there is another side benny to going nontoxic with your beauty and personal care. Like, what it does to your skin. 

Yes, in the past the notion of swapping out your usual products for the green stuff implied a sacrifice. As in, it’ll be better for you but not as effective. That could not be further from the truth. My skin is actually happier and behaves better since switching to nontoxic.

I used to think that I had very reactive skin. It is sensitive, but not nearly so much as I’d thought. The harsh chemicals in the mainstream products I was using were causing irritation. They also tend to block pores way more than organic products, no matter how comedogenic the claim.

Ingredients like dimethicone and petrolatum, which people tend to love for their weightless slippery feel, are strong occlusive (form a barrier to lock in moisture) ingredients that can cause skin irritation and plugged up pores. These are not the worst side effects of these ingredients by a long shot, but we are talking performance here. 

So if you are thinking of not switching to safer products because of the negative effects it may have on your skin, thing again. I’m pretty sure you are going to love the results.

If you have questions on getting started with organic beauty or help in choosing products that are right for you, read:

Or shoot me an email. Glad to help.

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List :: Love

Some things that are making me excited right now:

Beauty // Super lovin’ this for lips and cheeks for winter.

Clothes // Want some of this print soooo bad

Food // Can’t get enough beautiful little pomegranate jewels

Holidays // Anything anthro

Read // Eyebrow deep in Unbroken before the movie comes out

What's on your radar for November?

You Don't Have to Go Green

I just read a super interesting article on a beauty gal who gives green products a whirl. She switched over her entire skincare/makeup routine for 3 weeks to safe products and gave her opinions.

Some she really liked and will continue to use, others not so much. And I get that. To each her own, especially where beauty regimen is concerned. Still, I can’t help but get this sense that many women feel there is a push for them to go green. If you aren’t feeling it, it may not be for you.

The article has a subheading of First and foremost, reading labels is a pain.

And you know what? It is! But just like you wouldn’t trust a boxed up food product to be “healthy” without first finding out what is in it, you have to do a little legwork to make sure your beauty products are truly safe.

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut labeling term that stands for – you buy this product and you are buying a truly safe product. Wish there were, but there’s not. And may never be. If you are into choosing healthy beauty products, best get used to (and good at) reading those labels.

Next, the author’s concern that the FDA start banning cosmetic ingredients European Union-style, leaving her no choice but nontoxic products. First off, don’t count on this happening any time soon. Cosmetic ingredients are so under regulated in the US at this point that any big change would take some time and doing. It’d be great, but likely not on the near horizon. Secondly, you’ll still be able to get plenty of toxic-y items even if they do start limiting use of certain ingredients.

Everyone has their own standards. Even with natural/organic products. Some people are fine with a few synthetic ingredients that are considered less harmful than others. Some want no part of anything even close to un natural. I like to steer clear of these ingredients but still want high performance products. Most items used in the Fashionista article are by brands I like and use, but some are not what I’d consider safe (like Tarte, Josie Maran, Beautycounter).

Here’s the thing with nontoxic beauty products…you don’t have to use them.  Not everyone cares whether or not their skin care is made with safe, non-synthetic ingredients. Just like not everyone gives an S if their food is free from trans fats, artificial colorants and flavoring, artificial sugar, and refined crap. Would more people using safe products mean a greater demand for them and the natural ingredients used to make them? Yes. Would that be better for us and our earth? Of course. Still, it is up to the individual.

I’m not into scare tactics or pushiness in attempt to get others to go green. I’m simply here to tell my story and help you if you are interested in organic beauty. As with food, or any other lifestyle area, you have to do what works for YOU. 

Hormonal Balance + Weight Loss

I never thought it would happen to me. My entry into womanhood was and has always been pretty smooth, hormone-wise. Until lately.

Starting last year things went out of whack. As in a twice monthly period (joy) and, worse still, a monthly migraine. My Mom was sick and passed away, so I chalked it up to major stress. But while my cycle has gotten back to normal ( or a new normal, shall we say) I’m still getting the headaches. Sound familiar to anyone else out there?

I’ve changed my diet pretty drastically, cutting out almost all sugar and refined carbs, cut back on caffeine, and have incorporated more soy (a natural estrogen balancer, not the estrogen booster as previously thought) and tons of fruits and veg. While I ate pretty heathy before, I’m now on the very straight and very narrow.

Then there are the supplements. I wasn’t taking any before. Now I’m on a daily dose of magnesium, fish oil, turmeric, zinc, vitamin C, and glucosamine. I’m not saying you should run out and buy these supplements. These were something I came up with after much research and, yes, a chat with my doc.

I’ve been reading my perimenopausal ass off on natural hormone balancing. It’s definitely a science and that research, along with making sure I get all of the stuff I need into my body daily, has been taking up a huge chunk of my life. Which begs the question:  Should it really be this painstaking just to feel decent?

Dr. Christiane Northrup is always a fountain of great info on women’s health, and I’ve been eyeball deep in her book The Wisdom of Menopause. I highly recommend you pick up a copy if you are perimenopausal, approaching perimenopause, post menopausal, or are a women of any age that lives on planet earth. For real. The woman knows her shiz. I've also pulled some useful info from The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried and I'm Too Young for This! by Suzanne Somers.

I do feel the whole hormone thing, and how crappy you do or don’t feel, has to do with how much attention you pay to it. And right now I am paying a lot. Maybe too much. Still, no matter what any doctor or regular person tells you, these symptoms are very real and you need to listen to and trust your own body. We are all individuals, afterall, and this is not a one size fits all kinda deal. 

One side benny that has come of all this has been weight loss. I gained 5 lbs over the course of a year or so and couldn’t seem to get it to come off. I have barely thought of it in months and was surprised to find out that the sneaky fiver had vanished. Guess the whole more protein/less carbs thing truly pays off in that way. Or was it because I wasn’t obsessing over it anymore.  Hmmmm……

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