Yuzen Beauty Box :: A Must Try

You know how the subscription box is a big deal now?  Snacks, clothes, beauty supplies…

Here’s my deal with a beauty box:  It needs to be filled with products that are not easy to get samples of, stuff you super bad want to try, items that make you are excited to try.

That’s how I felt about Yuzen.  I’ve sampled many of these beauty boxes, so when the folks at Yuzen asked if they could send me one I didn’t have high hopes for it being something new and different.

From the packaging down to the actual products, I was impressed.  The contents are pretty and I did feel excited about the products.  Two of the items were on my must-try list, and they are all absolutely nontoxic.  Totally love that!

Here’s what the Yuzen box included:

Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment – One of the items on my must-try list, but can’t use it because of the aloe allergy.  My sister is testing it out (and excited to do so), so I’ll let you know on that in the near future.

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up – I tried this balm over the winter and it is a favorite around our house.  Not sad to see another one show up.

Chocolove Cherries and Almonds Chocolate Bar – Chocolate doesn’t last long on my desk.  T’was delicious and a fun addition to the box.

Lotus Wei Infinite LoveMist – I’ve been wanting to try this brand but, honestly, had kind of given up on natural perfumes/scents.  They always turn out to be a let down.  Other than my favorite by Tata Harper, that is, and now this one too.  Lotus Wei manages to make a personal scent that smells fabulous, no overly essential oil-y or like it is trying too hard.  I tried Infinite Love –a mandarin, rose, honey mix- which is light, delicate, and feminine.  Try this spray!  You won’t be sorry.

Sranrom Urban Wellness Calm Down Hand Cream + The Mindful Living Compassion Candle – Yummy smelling hand cream that softens skin.  Not sticky or greasy.  I am constantly burning candles at home and always on the look for ones that are less toxic.  Fun to find one here.

Sumbody Bath Fizzer + Bath Melts – Have not tried yet, but they smell awesome.  Will let you know…

Read more about each of these brands on the Yuzen brands page.

Bottom line:  I really like this every 3 months-subscription beauty box.  And guess what, Mother’s Day is coming up, so there’s your gift idea.

April Awareness :: Bees, Mesothelioma


When my son was small he had a bug fascination.  He collected any type of bug in one of his many jars and containers, studied them for a time, and then released them.  He graduated to catching bees by the time he was 6 or 7.  He’d gently let them crawl up onto his hand so he could give them a good inspection.  Sometimes he’d cup them between both of his hands so he could keep them a little longer, but would always let them go and never hurt them.  One time he got in trouble from a women in public who saw him trying to catch the bees because she thought he was hurting them.  He was crushed because he had no intention of hurting them or any other creepy crawly.  Some people are just bug people, thankfully.  And he was only ever stung a couple of times in his entire bee collecting phase, which pretty much lasted a whole summer.

I’m sure you’ve heard they are disappearing from our earth muy rapido.  Obviously, extinction of anything is not a good thing, but do you realize what these teeny little guys do for us and our planet?

Bees are responsible for much of the pollination of plants.  This doesn’t just mean our pretty flowers (which are super important) but many of the foods we eat too.  And, seriously, honey is good stuff.

You’ve probably heard the bee collapse attributed to everything from global warming to a strange bee virus, but let’s face it, toxic chemicals sprayed all over everything certainly can’t help.

Our government has the power to ban toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  Will they do it?  Who knows, but we can give our input.  Go to the Sierra Club’s Facebook page to sign their petition to Tell the EPA to ban toxic pesticides.


I was recently contacted by Cameron Von St. James about this disease.  You see, Cameron’s wife, Heather, was diagnosed with the Mesothelioma at 36.  She was a brand new mother and given only 15 months to live.

Mesothelioma has only one known cause and that is asbestos.  When you think asbestos you most likely picture super old, run down buildings that are no longer inhabited.  Would it surprise you to know that around 30 million pounds of this toxic substance are still used in the US each year?

Heather is now a 7 year survivor of the disease.  This week happens to be Asbestos Awareness Week and this dedicated couple has created a webpage to raise awareness of this cancer.  Check out their story and find out what you can do to spread the word to benefit Mesothelioma victims and work toward getting asbestos banned.

New Product :: RMS Beauty Now Makes Mascara

Last week I mentioned a brand new mascara from one of my favorite beauty brands.  RMS Beauty came out with their own mascaras this month, and I got my hot hands on one to try out.  Thanks, Kathleen from Purple PR!

RMS has long been one of my natural brands.  Simple, pure products that operate like the glam-est of glam makeup and skin care + founder Rose-Marie Swift is just so gosh darn cool.  Read my interview with Rose-Marie on Feelgood Style.  Then check out my top-pick must-haves from RMS on my Brands I Love page.

RMS Beauty Mascara is what I call a wet mascara.  As in it is more wet than dry.  In my opinion, wet mascaras are where it’s at.  I just don’t see how anyone can stand a dry mascara with all of that thick clumpiness.  Nope, I’ll take a smooth, light, glide-able mascara any day.

I love the look of one simple coat to add a bit of spark to eyes, but you can definitely layer it for a more is more look.  And still, no clumping.

Into the gloss featured a different take on  mascara application last week with this three-layer look.  The idea is rather than having to choose between volume, length and intensity mascaras, you add a layer of each type for the perfect lash.  If I had to choose 3 natural mascaras for this task they would be:

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara for definition
Lavera Long Lash Mascara in black for length
Dr. Hauschka Mascara in black for volume and intensity

So, are you going to give it a try?

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. It is one of the ways I make money.  I am required to tell you that, but know that I would never recommend products I don't believe in. So there.

Two Top Green Beauty Experts to Support

Good products made by good people are easier to come by now than they were even a few years ago.  Still, you have to read your labels and follow brands you trust.

One such brand is made by my awesome friend, Ellen Holder.  I’ve talked about Ellen here before, who, until very recently, owned CarenOnline.  Now she is fully dedicated to her baby, B Leaf Botanics.

Ellen does her research and is focused on making super clean, high quality products.  All totally free from harmful ingredients and made with the most beneficial ingredients she can find.  One of my favorites is her eye cream, plus I a little birdy told me she is working on new stuff, so stay tuned.

Another one of my faves has just had a birthday.  Spirit Beauty Lounge is 5 years old and also one of my favorite places to shop.  SBL carries some of the top natural beauty brands, has a terrific sample program in place, and gives you that true beauty experience with products you can trust.

As a special thanks for supporting them, Spirit Beauty Lounge is giving 10% off all orders through this weekend only with code TYSBL10.  A great time to do your green beauty shopping.

Put your money where it counts.  Support these businesses who are doing it right.  It only means more of a good thing.

Another Week Bites the Dust

Do you feel like time is zipping by as quickly as I do?  Guess that just gets us to summer faster, right?

Summer is very much on my mind.  On Feelgood this week I shared my recent experience with spray tan (and why I heart organic self tanner), plus some new mineral sunscreens I tried on spring break.

For next week, I have something fun in store.  You know all about those subscription beauty boxes.  Seems like everyone is doing one these days.  I have tried several, and recently tried  a couple more.  Will share those deets with ya.  For now I will say that one is definitely worth it.

Hope you are planning up a great weekend.  Mine looks a little something like this…

Still reading, or re-reading, this super useful-highly factfilled-wonderously put together eBook by two of the most fabulous writer gals ever!  If are writing or have written a book, or think maybe you have a book somewhere in you, buy it.  Now.

Sampling a brand new product (hint: it’s mascara!) from one of my absolutely fave organic brands.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Which reminds me, I have a BRANDS I LOVE page now.  Check it out.  Share it with your friends.

Oh.  And I want these so dang bad.  What are your feet wearing for spring?

Have a happy and, hopefully, warm weekend.  See you on the other side.

There is an affiliate link in this post.  See if you can find it.  Just kidding, I have to tell you that, but know that I would never recommend something I do not believe in.  It's just one of the ways I get paid.  So there.
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