What Does Your Daily Schedule Look Like?

I took the first part of the week off of writing to do an eCourse with Braid Creative on personal branding.  Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography told me about the course, and am soooo glad I took it.  It is info-packed, high-energy, and absolutely inspiring. Braid will be offering more courses throughout the winter, so be sure to get in on the goodness if you are a creative entrepreneur looking for excellent business (and some personal) advice.

The course has opened my eyes to sharing my business off line, a trickier thing for me than online, as I think it is for many women.  We like to talk about our kids, our homes, our friends, our families, what movies we saw – but not ourselves.  We need to get more comfy telling people what we are up to.  It feels good and is an important part of our business success.

One thing, amongst many, that popped onto my radar this week is that I really need a daily plan.  A … I’m gonna say it … schedule.  Something I adore about working on my own is being able to get the kids to school, then sit down in my jammies and write, or workout and then write sweaty, or maybe run a few errands and write later – I love the flexibility.  But sometimes that flexibility turns into, well, a little bit of a mess.  Not a bad mess, but a could-be-using-my-time-more-wisely sort of mess.

So, I have come up with a new schedule for my work days.  And it’s not just a regular ol’, boring schedule.  It’s a Dream Work Day Schedule.  Will it happen?  Most of the time, probably not.  But at least it is in place and gives me a framework of some type.  I will try it, see what works, make adjustments, and go from there.  It is important to note that in a Dream Work Day schedule you make sure to fit in the things that you want to do more of, not just the have tos.  Here it is:

My Dream Work Day Schedule

7 am:  Check calendar for the day, look at Twitter & email
7:15-9:  Get kids to school
9:  Workout
10-12:  Write
12-12:30:  Shower & Eat lunch
12:30-2:30:  Write
2:30-3:30:  Respond to emails/Twitter, set calendar for next day, read blogs I love, connect with inspiring people.

This day gets in lots of time writing (my favorite!), and I’ve also scheduled in some time to remind me to connect with like-minded individuals.  Very important in maintaining that fire when you work by yourself. 

What’s your daily schedule like?  Do you love it?  Want to change it?  Have any tips for the rest of us?


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